What is the best Android Wear smartwatch? It’s a commonly asked question, now that the number of wearable devices is on the increase. Following the launch of Android Wear in the summer of 2014, the OS has been growing slowly but steadily with an increasing number of apps, while the devices themselves are slowly becoming less like computers and more like actual watches.

In this guide we’ve listed the best smartwatches currently available for Android phones and tablets. These are predominantly Android Wear-based, but also include the excellent Pebble Steel, the second-iteration of the trailblazing Kickstarter project that first brought wearables to a mass market audience.

We’ll keep this table updated as more wearables are released. While this first generation of products has much to offer, the influence of the Apple Watch is also likely to tell in the coming months.

 WatchAvailable sinceProsConsValue ratingOverall rating
Moto 360Moto 360Sept 2014» Beautiful design
» Wireless charging
» Waterproof
» Quite large
» Mixed battery life
LG G Watch RLG G Watch ROct 2014» Classic watch-style design
» Fast performance
» Excellent screen
» Expensive
» Mediocre battery life
LG G WatchLG G WatchJune 2014» Now very affordable
» Decent 'My First Smartwatch'
» Not pretty
» Feels more like a prototype
Pebble SteelPebble SteelSept 2014» Great screen
» Excellent battery life
» Very affordable
» Premium design
» Not Android Wear
» Limited functionality
Samsung Gear LiveSamsung Gear LiveNov 2014» Built-in heart rate monitor
» Good screen
» So-so design
» Poor battery life