Chromecast deals: where to buy a cheap Chromecast in the UK

Chromecast has always been cheap, but a series of price cuts in the UK has made it the best value Android accessory you can buy today.

Most retailers have slashed £10 off the tiny TV streaming dongle, which amounts to about a third of the price. You can now pick one up for as little as £18. Tesco Direct, Amazon, Currys and PC World are all offering a Chromecast at that price. For the latter two it is stated as the online price only, with purchases in-store priced at £20.

However, it has been reported that stores may also match the low price if you ask them.

New Chromecast dongles also come with a 90-day free trial of the Google Play Music All Access service, itself worth around £20. That offer is only available if you haven’t previously used the 30-day free trial of the service that is available to everyone.

If you’ve been holding off on buying one, there’s now no excuse not to dive right in.

The success of Chromecast

Chromecast has been one of the most successful accessories for mobile devices. It was born from the ashes of the ill-fated Nexus Q, a streaming device launched in 2012.

That globe shaped product had a far greater focus on design, and was seen at the time as an attack on Apple TV, with a similarly high price tag. It sold poorly, though, due a combination of being overpriced, badly marketed and barely available.

A year later Google unleashed Chromecast on the world. It was essentially the same product, only this time it plug in around the back of your TV (without even needing mains connection, if your TV has a USB port). Hidden away, it was no longer a lifestyle product, so was designed to be as discreet as possible, reduced to its pure functionality.

It has been the best selling gadget on Amazon US almost since its launch last year, and was reported to have sold over a hundred thousand units in the UK in the first two months since its launch earlier this year.

Chromecast is slowly being adopted by more and more premium content providers, including the BBC and Netflix, as well as big-name apps.

Since the launch of an SDK for developers the ecosystem of Chromecast apps has been expanding, as has the number of games for the platform. These are still pretty rudimentary in quality, and it’s questionable as to whether Chromecast will ever become a viable gaming platform.

Google is also continuing the development of features for Chromecast. Most recently it added the ability to mirror your Android screen to a TV.