Chromecast support coming to Firefox for Android very soon

Slowly but surely the Chromecast ecosystem is beginning to grow. There are already more than 300 Chromecast apps and games, for Android devices, and many of the platforms biggest name apps are supporting the tiny TV streaming dongle. The latest looks set to be Firefox; the most recent nightly build of the mobile web browser has added Chrome-style slinging, enabling you to send the contents of your tabs to your TV.

Firefox nightly

The Firefox nightlies are not available through the Play Store. Instead you need to download each build from the Mozilla website and sideload it to your device. Nightlies are provided for testing rather than for use as a daily driver, so you may encounter bugs with using them, and shouldn’t use it to replace your default browser.

Using Firefox with Chromecast

Once you’re set up with the app you’ll be able to test the streaming feature on a limited number of web pages.

Firefox is set to work with video content viewed in a browser window, rather than to sling any webpage to the TV as you can within Chrome on a desktop.

There’s a testing page you can use with some videos already added—the Chromecast logo appears on the control bar below each video clip. Just tap it to connect to your Chromecast dongle.

Firefox chromecast

The icon will also show up on some, but not all, pages with video embedded in them, with links for YouTube opening automatically in the Android YouTube app, which itself supports Chromecast.

As a new feature of the nightly build it’s not clear how long it will be before it graduates into the final version of the browser, or whether it will at all. With screen mirroring having recently been added to Chromecast on KitKat devices it’s less arguably less important for apps to sling static pages.

To check whether it is added to the final version you’ll need to have the main Firefox app installed via the Play Store as well, so that it updates automatically. You can download new nightlies every day, but you’ll need to so manually as automatic updates of this won’t be pushed to your handset.