Multi-user profiles look set to be introduced in Android L

Multiiple user profiles are coming to Android L, if a comment on the Android issue tracker forum is to be believed.

Android Police spotted the post, in which a user complained about the lack of said profiles, only to be told by a member of the team that “The development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build”.

User profiles have long been a sought after feature fro Android. They were introduced in Android 4.2, but for tablets only, with phones presumably being deemed the more personal devices and so less in need of profiles than tablets, which tend to be shared more readily.

However, anyone who has handed over their phone to another person will be well aware of the nervousness that comes with knowing that all their text messages, emails and photos are just a screen tap away. 

We don’t yet know how these profiles will be implemented. It may be a straight Guest Mode, in which a user can access apps that have been installed but not the saved data from the main account. It could also involve some kind of Kid’s Corner feature as seen on Windows Phone and which is set to be co-opted by iOS 8 in the form of Family Sharing. These services not only control what kind of content and apps kids can access, but also whether they can spend money on in-app purchases.

Android L is not expected to launch until the Autumn—the schedule usually puts it around October or November time. It is set to be a major release, including the introduction of the all-new Material Design UI, and well as many expected performance enhancements through the adoption of ART, a new runtime that makes apps run faster with less system overhead.