Watch Sony launch the Xperia Z3, Smartwatch 3 and more at IFA

Sony teaser

As IFA gets under way in Berlin Sony is preparing to launch its key mobile products for the rest of the year.

The highlight among them is expected to be the Xperia Z3, the company’s second flagship Android smartphone of the year, and whose specs have already been widely leaked.

As with the previous flagships, a Z3 Compact is also expected, and Sony has hinted that it will also be debuting at IFA. Rumours suggest that, as with the Z1 Compact unveiled at CES this year, the Z3 Compact with have virtually identical specs, with the smaller screen size being the only differentiating factor.

This continues to be a unique selling point for Sony, whose rivals such as Samsung and HTC significantly downgrade the specs of their flagship phones for their ‘Mini’ variants.

Also expected at Sony’s IFA event is a Z3 Compact Tablet, an eight-inch tablet with internals similar to those in the smartphones, including a Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz, and 3GB of RAM.

Sony also looks set to be emphasising the waterproof qualities of its products, if a tweeted teaser from Sony Mobile UK is anything to go by.

As Sony’s biggest tech keynote for the remainder of 2014 you can expect other announcements in its imaging and other sectors. Perhaps of most interest to mobile users is the anticipated update to its clip-on camera.

The Verge is reporting that this will include a completely redesigned product that has an APS-C sensor and supports E mount lenses such as those built for the NEX range of cameras. If true, and if the implentation is improved over last year’s effort, the gap between a smartphone and a ‘real’ camera will be smaller than ever.

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