Sony launches underwater apps for its underwater phones

If you’ve got an Xperia smartphone and find you don’t really get enough use out of its water resistance, Sony has just the answer—a suite of underwater apps.

The apps are currently only available in the US for two of the Xperia models, the Xperia Z and Xperia Z1s, although we’d expect availability to be widened in future. They work by using the phones’ ability to know when they are underwater. When you submerge your phone the aops launch.

Xperia waterproof

The six Underwater Apps are all fairly trivial, but a pretty good showcase for a feature that remains largely unique to Sony (the Galaxy S5 is weather sealed, but most other manufacturers are yet to catch on that is a useful feature to have).

They range from the virtual fish app, Goldie, to Photo Lab, which mimics the darkroom process by ‘developing’ a photo when you place the phone in water, to the bizarre Tiny Umbrella, which does nothing more than display an umbrella on the screen when it gets wet.

More importantly, Sony has also released a Water Detection Library that developers can use to build this same water sensing into their own apps. Maybe we’ll see a glut of apps for reading ebooks in the bath, or will mock you when you drop your phone in the toilet.

Sony’s Underwater Apps can be downloaded from the Play Store, but are only accessible to compatible devices. It goes without saying you shouldn’t attempt to install them on non-compatible handsets, especially those that are not waterproof.

Meanwhile, here’s a promo video showing all of the apps in action, starting with a small underwater game called Sink Sunk.