See which apps you’ve bought on the Play Store (and how much you’ve spent in total)

Google Play is your one stop shop for apps, books, music and even hardware. Just add your credit card details to your Google Wallet account and you can get one-click access to all the digital content you need (and so might your kids, don’t forget!).

It’s frustrating, then, that there’s no way of seeing a list in the Play Store app of only the items you have paid for.


Especially with apps, since it’s not uncommon that you’ll uninstall them and eventually forget that you ever bought them in the first place. The only way you can find out on a device is if you stumble upon an app on a search results page, or if you spend time scrolling through the All list in the My apps section of the Play Store app.

Viewing paid apps on the desktop

It is possible to see a list of your paid apps on the desktop.

Go to the Play Store and click the Settings icon in the top right hand corner.

My orders


All your transactions across all the Play Store sections are listed, including apps you uninstalled within the refund window. These are listed as Cancelled.

Apps that you got refunded outside of the 15 minute refund window are listed as Refunded.

How to refund apps through the Play Store

If you ever need to request a refund for an app—or anything else—you should come to this screen. Click the 3-dot menu button that appears when you hover your mouse over the app. Click Report a problem to request your refund.

Viewing paid apps on your phone

To see a similar list of all your paid apps, content and devices on your phone or tablet you’ll need a third party app.

The best is called My Paid Apps. The app displays a brief summary of how many items you have bought, and how much you have spent, and the average price.

My paid apps list

Tap the drop down list labelled All Purchases to filter the list to only include a certain category. This will update the summary as well.

My paid apps filter

The apps you’ve got installed are shaded green; to install one of the others just tap it and it will open in the Play Store app.

My Paid Apps also makes it possible to sort the list by name, purchase date or price, and you can export your list in the CSV format so you can open it in a spreadsheet app. Access this feature by tapping the menu button top right.

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