How to add a second Gmail account to Android

This tutorial shows you how to add another Gmail account to your Android phone or tablet, and how to use that Google account in YouTube and other apps.

Per App Hacking: complete guide to the Xposed Framework module

Per App Hacking for the Xposed Framework is a module that can improve your phone’s battery life as well as adjust an app’s settings based on the ROM you are running.

Star Wars Commander review: Clash of Clans with Stormtroopers

Star Wars: Commander borrows both its gameplay and cynical in-app purchase model from Clash of Clans. Does the prospect of flying a X-Wing make up for this?

Import your iTunes smart playlists into Spotify and Spotify Mobile

Create new Spotify playlists from your old iTunes smart playlists. Click through to discover how to configure Spotify to be a complete iTunes replacement.

How to take a screenshot on any Android device

Our complete guide on how to take screenshots on Android works with Android Lollipop, KitKat, Gingerbread or rooted phones and tablets.

How to undervolt Android for increased stability and longer battery life

Undervolting your Android phone reduces heat, increases stability and can even extend battery life. We take a look at how to tweak the kernel to undervolt your phone.

How to close apps on Android, and why you shouldn’t most of the time

We show you how to close apps on Android phones like the LG G3 and Galaxy S5, and why it’s not always a good idea to do so.

Google launches Android One devices; will get Android updates for two years

The first Android One phones have been announced, along with price and availability in India. Will they help Google capture the next billion smartphone users?

Three quick ways to instantly speed up your Android phone

Want to speed up your phone? Use these three quick wins for instant benefits. None of them even need your phone to be rooted!

5 best S Note alternatives

Discover the best S Note alternative in our in-depth guide to note taking apps for Samsung Galaxy phones.

10 beautiful apps already using Material Design

Android L will launch this Autumn with a whole new design language—Material Design. Here are ten apps that have already been updated to the new UI.

Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video on Android, through the Amazon shop app

Prime Instant Video comes to all Android phones and tablets through the updated version of the Amazon shop app, available through the Play Store.

Sony Xperia Z3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: specs and features head-to-head

We put the Xperia Z3 and Galaxy S5 head to head to compare their features, specs and other tricks. Can Sony compete with the best Samsung has to offer?

Downgrade apps to an older version on an Android phone or tablet

Want to restore an older version of your favourite app? It is possible if you’ve got a rooted phone and a Nandroid backup handy. This tutorial shows you how to do it.

How to send and receive files over Bluetooth on an Android phone

It’s easy to share files over Bluetooth on an Android device. Whether you’re using a Galaxy, HTC, LG or other smartphone this tutorial will give you all the information you need to get started.
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