10 beautiful Android apps you’ll want to start using

Android has more than one million apps available for it through the Play Store. Some of them are quite beautiful, turning mundane functions into enjoyable tasks.

Here’s our guide to ten of the best-looking Android apps. If you’ve got any other favourites let us know in the comments below.


Gogobot Travel Guide

Gogobot is a TripAdvisor-style app that helps you find places to eat and stay when you’re on holiday, as well as discover things to do all around the world. It’s not as comprehensive as some of the more established travel brands, but it looks just stunning.



Circa News

Circa’s clean design not only looks fantastic but it helps you get to the details you need to know. This curated news app gives you headlines and stories for all the important events happening around the world, and presents in a stylish, accessible way.



Evernote Food

Don’t just settle for Instagramming the food you eat. With Evernote Food you can share the food you love and find recipes from others users right around the world, as well as restaurants in your local area. For those that love fine dining this is a seriously fine app.




The newly updated Airbnb app may have a slightly questionable icon, but the design of the rest of the app is just perfect. Based around large images it helps you find the most beautiful locations to stay, and makes the research and booking process as painless as possible.



Jiffy – Time Tracker

This time tracking app lets you record how much time you spend on specific projects. It’s a cinch to use, and the reporting tools are truly delightful. Never has something as dull as time management been so enjoyable.




Pedometer uses the built-in step counter in devices such as the Nexus 5 to count how far you walk each day, or can use the device’s other sensors too. It’s clear, simple and highly functional, and there’s full GPS tracking too if you need it. All fitness apps should look this good.



Expense Manager

Half the fun of Expense Manager is in viewing the countless reports and stats it produces to show where you’re spending your money. With full spreadsheet exporting it is more than just a pretty face as well.




GYRO is a retro-styled arcade game that is as addictive as it is simple: spin a circle and catch coloured balls within its coloured segments. That’s all there is to it, yet with such pure gameplay and attractive presentation you will keep coming back for more.



Nice Weather

The name of this app is an understatement—Nice Weather is very nice indeed. It isn’t, on the surface, the most comprehensive weather app, yet with a choice selection of widgets offered through an in-app purchase it has as much as most people will need.



Runtastic Heart Rate Pro

From the team behind the Runtastic range of fitness apps comes this heart rate monitor. Just hold your finger on the camera to get a reading. Your results and history are displayed in a series of beautiful graphs and charts.


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