6 best SEO apps for Android that will help you boost your website traffic

If you manage a website then SEO at will be at the forefront of your concerns. There are countless tools available on the desktop that will help your track your traffic and optimise your content, but what about when you are not in the office?

The Google Play Store has a small number of search engine optimisation apps for Android devices. These range from an official Google Analytics app that gives you most of the information you’ll find in the full service, to small apps that will check your SERPs and scan your site to suggest improvements you can make to your SEO.

Google analytics

Google Analytics

The most essential tool for SEO has a really rather good Android app. It does a great job of breaking your data down into accessible chunks, enabling you to get an overview of what is happening on your site. All of the sections and categories are supported, including real time updates, but it’s the inclusion of Segments that makes it a powerful tool. It allows you to really drill down into the specifics of your data with some detail.

(For a more simplified and visual representation of your Analytics data take a look at gAnayltics.)


Seo serp mojo


Your SERP—or Search Engine Ranking Page—is an essential focus of SEO, given the clear correlation between the search results page your content appears on and the number of clicks you’ll get as a result. With SEO SERP mojo you can analyse your SERP for all of your URLs and as many keywords as you are targeting. With some lovely reporting tools you can clearly visualise your site’s performance and track trends over a period of time.


Website and seo toolbox

Website and SEO Toolbox

Website and SEO Toolbox runs a series of tests on your site and reports back with performance results and recommendations on how you can improve things. Tests include your social network presence, the SEO-friendliness of your website, and broken links. A useful tool to keep on hand.



Viord SEO Tools

A collection of 32 tool makes up Viord SEO. They include a backlink checker and back link comparison to your competitors, keyword generator, test of your site’s responsiveness for mobile devices, and a full SEO report card. It’s not an everyday, but for a quick check of the health of your site it covers some valuable areas.


Simple analytics widget

Simple Analytics Widget

For anyone who obsessively checks their traffic stats Simple Analytics Widget is a dream. It is, as its name suggests, a simple, 4×1 widget that shows on the left the data for a specific metric (tapping on the widget updates it), and on the right the comparison to the data from the previous day, week or month. Best of all, you can add multiple home widgets to home screen panel, so you can view multiple metrics on the same screen.


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