The best football scores app for the EPL on the Play Store

The new Premier League season is upon us once again. We’ve tested all the leading soccer scores apps for Android to ensure you will always be kept fully up to date on how your team is doing.


Soccer Scores – FotMob

In a crowded market our choice for the best live football scores app is Soccer Scores – FotMob. The app already has more than five million users, and goes from strength to strength with each update.

Though is doesnt have as many features as some of its rivals it wins through a combination of ease of use, fast performance and beautiful design.

FotMob is easy to configure. Selecting which leagues and competitions you want to follow will display only those in the main Matches screen, enabling you to quickly see only the matches that are of interest to you. Picking your favourite teams will also filter these to the top of the list. Notifications are automatically added for these teams but they are never intrusive.

You can also tell what the notifications are even without looking at your phone—a whistle sound marks the start and end of the match, while cheers and groans accompanying the goals for and against your team.

Virtually everything in the app is clickable, though the main navigation is through the sidebar to the left. Here you can access your chosen leagues and favourite teams, along with a wealth of extra information, including league table, upcoming fixtures and top scorer lists. Other apps do have FotMob beaten on stats, but we found all the main info to be here.

Fotmob scorers result

FotMob has some rudimentary TV schedule and betting odds included in the app, which you can turn off if they’re not relevant to you. There’s no social element at the moment, and we didn’t mind that. The social networking elements used in other scores apps are generally not used enough to make them useful, while those that pull in tweets only offer an inferior experience to actually going to Twitter and searching on your team’s hashtag.

Throw in fast and accurate score and match information and you’ve got an outstanding app. It’s completely free to use in its ad-supported form, and you can remove those through an in-app purchase.

Download: Soccer Scores - FotMob

Also consider:

Runner up: Onefootball – Pure Football!

Similar in style to FotMob, Onefootball has more features, and stats fans will love it. But there’s also more clutter that makes the app harder to navigate.

  • great looking app
  • loads of stats and presented in a very visual form
  • talkSPORT integration for match commentary in some regions (not the UK and Ireland)
  • very comprehensive but easy to get lost
  • social features are well integrated but little used for most teams

Third place: Forza Football

This great looking app has some really appealing visual flourishes, but the setup process is unwieldy and you can easily be overloaded with notifications.

  • excellent social features
  • calendar shows only the fixtures that matter
  • a nice looking app that is easy to use
  • the default notifications settings are excessive leaving you bombarded by them if you don’t change them

BBC Sport

A fantastic app to keep abreast with the latest football news, as well as every other sport. Scores are only a small feature, though, and without notifications is difficult to recommend for this purpose alone.

  • reliable source
  • good for other sports
  • lacks widgets or push notifications
  • a good backup

Goal Live Scores

The appearance of full screen ads makes the app unpleasant to use in its free form, and a confusing UI makes it difficult to configure as well. There’s loads of match and player stats if you follow the right teams—some leagues have little or none at all.

  • very thorough
  • lots of stats
  • looks nice
  • intrusive ads
  • confusing UI
  • difficult to remove unwanted leagues

The Football Livescore App

The Football Livescore App has an attractive interface and comprehensive coverage of leagues around the world. It’s very hard to configure, though, and filtering down the mass of info to just that which is relevant to you is a problem.

  • supports huge number of leagues
  • up to date scores
  • complicated filtering system used to view only the leagues you want

Football Scores Live

Football Scores Live is an old-school scores app, in the worst possible way. The design and user interface resembles nothing else on Android—it’s ugly, is packed with low res images and is generally not nice to use.

  • lots of stats
  • very ugly UI with low res graphics
  • hard to use
  • very long setup process

Super Scores

Super Scores is hindered by full-screen ads in the full version and is generally less easy to customise that other apps. Also, it seems to be updated less frequently that those too.

  • comprehensive scores and stats
  • fast updates
  • very intrusive ads in the free version
  • hasn’t been updated for a while
  • difficult to configure

Football Live Scores

This quick and dirty scores app lacks the basics like setting your favourite team, and with no notifications cannot be recommended.

  • quick and easy guide to all scores
  • no way to set favourite team or league
  • no notifications
  • no match stats

Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

To say the Sky Sports app is due an update would be an overstatement. It has a very dated design, is generally slow, and even the scores don’t seem to come through as quickly as you’d expect.

  • plenty of up to date news
  • very dated design
  • harder to use than it should be

Yahoo Sports

Like other Yahoo apps, Yahoo Sports looks great. It’s packed with info, and not just on football, but is difficult to navigate due to the use of non-standard interface mechanisms.

  • very pretty
  • lots of leagues and other sports supported
  • non-standard UI is confusing—screens rarely swipe when you expect them to
  • cluttered with too much information

Barclays Football

The official app from the official sponsor of the EPL is better than most corporate apps, thanks to a glossy UI and bags of statistics. It only covers one league, though, so is not for fans of the wider game.

  • glossy UI (albeit confusing at times)
  • live text commentary
  • plenty of stats
  • Premier League only
  • performance can be inconsistent
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