Quick tip: Filter games from the Top lists on the Play Store

If you head over to the apps section of the Google Play Store and view the Top Charts, you’ll discover that the lists—particularly for the top selling apps—are cluttered with games.

And because games are so popular it means that the top charts for both apps and games are basically the same. There’s no way of simply viewing a list of the most popular free and paid apps.

Filtered apps

Except there is. An easy workaround is to use this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/category/APPLICATION.

It filters out the games from the tops lists, giving you an unadulterated view of the most downloaded apps.

The link works on both desktop and device. On the latter it will (or should, at least) open directly into the Play Store app with the filtered view applied. Be sure to bookmark the link, and let us know of any other great tips you’ve got in the comments below.

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