The edge-to-edge screen is here: Sharp’s Aquos Crystal has the thinnest bezel on any smartphone

Sharp has announced two new phones with the thinnest bezels ever seen on a smartphone. The Sharp Crystal Aquos and the Aquos Crystal X are the first devices to have a virtually non-existent bezel, going far further than previous edge to edge devices we’ve seen from manufacturers like Motorola and LG.

The two handsets have been announced initially for the Japanese market, but it’s also believed that at least one of the Android phones will be unveiled for the US through Sprint at an event on the 19th September. Additional availability in Europe is not yet known.

Aquos edge to edge
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Sharp Aquos Crystal specs

The two Aquos Crystal models sport 5” and 5.5” displays respectively.

The Crystal X is the flagship version. Its larger display is accompanied by a Snapdragon 801 CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, plus 2GB of RAM and a 2610mAh battery. It measures 139mm x 73mm x 11mm—clearly the absence of bezel is compensated for in added thickness. Screen resolution is 1080p.

The Aquos Crystal is more of a mid-ranger, with a 720p display, Snapdragon 400 CPU at 1.2GHz and 1.5GB of RAM. It’s not too dissimilar in specs to the very successful Moto G, though it’s not currently known if the price point will meet the ultra-low level of that device.

Probably not, seems the most likely case, since the added R&D costs associated with achieving one of the most sought after feats in smartphones will need to be recovered.


Edge-to-edge Android devices

Many manufacturers have marketed their devices on a lack of bezel. Motorola’s RAZR i was the first to do this nearly two years ago, and though it was a great mid-rang handset—and a very smart design—its claims were hype rather than a reality.

Likewise LG, whose G3 sported the thinnest side bezel to date. Sharp’s Aquos devices go a step further, and the absence of bezel even stretches to the top of the device. It remains to be seen whether the edge to edge display affects usability at all, especially relating to inadvertent screen taps.

UPDATE (19 Aug): Sprint has now confirmed it will be selling the Aquos Crystal in the US, and available through Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

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