13 best Xposed modules that you should be using

If you want to mod or tweak your Android phone then the Xposed Framework is a tool you need to know about. It’s perfect for beginners who have rooted their phone for the first time and want to know what to do, as well as for advanced power users that want to customise their Android experience.

Read how to install Xposed here.

The functionality of Xposed comes through the many modules developed for it and available through the Xposed Installer app. Here’s our pick of the 13 best Xposed modules. Most are available through the Xposed app; a few can be downloaded from the Play Store.


If you only install one Xposed module, then GravityBox should be the one. The ultimate Android modding toolkit, GravityBox is packed with tweaks big and small, and many of them will mean you never feel the need to flash a custom ROM again.

Among our favourites are the ability to set the volume keys to control your music app, disabling the volume level warning on Nexus devices, and creating shortcuts to your most used apps right from the navigation bar. An essential download.



The ability to control app permissions on a case by case basis has been long requested by Android users, and it’s something that will be introduced to a limited extent in Android L.


Until then, or for the more privacy-minded user, XPrivacy is the Xposed module to use. You can set XPrivacy to deal with permission requests automatically, or to prompt you as they occur. The genius part is that it doesn’t actually block permissions, it simply feeds blank or fake data to the app, ensuring that the app will carry on working while your address book or location remains secure.


Greenify already ranks as arguably the most important root app, and with Xposed it becomes even more powerful. Greenify quietly ‘hibernates’ that run in the background—waking them only when needed—to ensure they won’t drain your battery and use your data allowance without you knowing.

When used with Xposed, Greenify adds a whole load of extra features including allowing you to hibernate system apps and those that use Google Cloud Messaging without missing out on push notifications.



Got an ‘interesting’ taste in music? If you like listening to your guilty pleasures in public and would rather they weren’t displayed with full screen album art whenever you unlock your device then AudioPrivacy will ensure that that doesn’t happen.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Available on the Play Store, Deep Sleep Battery Saver ekes out every last drop of power from your battery by shutting down features and putting your phone in deep sleep when the screen is switched off. It then wakes up at a set interval to check for any notifications.

You can set it to be as aggressive or gentle as you need, or to activate only when the battery drops to a set level. This way you can replicate the power saver mode seen in phones like the Galaxy S5 and will also be a part of Android L.



If you’re a Snapchat user then you probably wish there was an easy way to save photos that you’re sent. Keepchat does it automatically for you. The app does break from time to time as Snapchat itself gets updated, but is still in active development. Check here for more information and updates.

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