5 best Xposed modules that every HTC user needs to know about

The HTC One range of Android phones, including the One and One Mini from 2013 and this year’s One M8 and One Mini 2, are among the most well received Android devices.

They also have some of the best software—HTC’s Sense UI is regarded by many commentators and users as being the best of all the Android skins. It works within the guidelines of the Android UI, and enhancements the OS rather than changing it for the sake of it.


That said, there is always room for improvement. With the Xposed Framework you can gain many of the benefits of a custom ROM without needing to flash a ROM, and without losing the benefits of Sense.

We’ve taken a look at five Xposed modules that will enhance your HTC One.

Dot View Mods for HTC One

The Dot View cover for the One M8 is one of the most innovative features of the device. It’s quite limited out of the box, showing notifications from only a small number of pre-installed apps. With the Dot View Mods module you can use the cover with additional apps, customise the look of the notifications it displays, and also add swipes and other gestures to control how it works. An essential mod.

HTC Car Mode Xposed

HTC Car Mode is a feature of HTC Sense that works when you’re driving, giving you limited access to your phone’s functions in an easy to use UI with larger icons and buttons. This mod undoes a few of the restrictions, such as bringing back the task-switching function and also re-activating the Home button so that you can switch back to the full phone launcher if you need to.


HTC One Tweaker

HTC One Tweaker is a complete toolbox for HTC Sense devices. Similar to GravityBox (although we’d recommend installing that as well) it enables you to customise several parts of the phone, from the LED notifications to the format of file names of your photos, and also unlocks extra features including the ability to record phone calls.

NFC Icon Remover

This is a simple one, and its name explains it all. When you have NFC turned on the NFC logo appears in the status bar. Using this module removes it. Also check out NFC Lockscreen Enabler to use NFC even when your phone is locked.

Xposed StatusBar Mods — Sense

StatusBar mods are always popular, presumably as its one of the few parts of the system that you see every time you look at your phone. The mods in this module include changing or moving the clock, customising the colours of various icons, and adjusting the transparency. It also supports XSBM Iconpacks which can replace the entire status bar with a newly designed one. A very simple and subtle way of giving your phone a more personalised appearance.

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