The Best Chromecast Party Games for Android (and iOS too!)

Chromecast is a fantastic gadget for families and parties at Christmas and birthdays. We take a look at the best party games for Chromecast that work on both Android and iOS—there’s something here to keep players of all ages entertained.

How to use Guest mode and user accounts on Android

The Guest mode and user accounts fetaures in Android Lollipop mean you can lend your phone to someone while keeping all your data private. Read on to find more about one of the best new features in Android 5.0.

How to use Screen Pinning in Lollipop

Screen pinning is a feature in Android Lollipop that enables you to protect your privacy and security by restricting which apps people can use when you lend them your phone. Click through to find out how to use it.

The benefits of Android Lollipop’s new camera features, and how every Android camera is set for an upgrade

Our test of shooting RAW and using manual controls on the Nexus 5 show how every Android phone running Lollipop is set for a major camera upgrade. Read on for the full details.

Lollipop-compatible alternatives to our favourite GravityBox tweaks

Get some of the best GravityBox tweaks on your Lollipop device without needing GravityBox or the Xposed Framework. Here’s our best apps and workarounds for modding your phone.

Block unwanted texts with Android’s new messaging app

It’s easy to block text messages with the new Messenger app from Google. We take a look at the best new SMS app for Android phones.

The complete Android flashing guide: how to flash custom ROMs, OTA zips and factory images

Discover how to upgrade your phone by flashing a custom ROM, flashing a factory image or by flashing an over the air zip download on a Nexus, Sony, HTC, Samsung or other Android device.

The 5 most important features of Android Lollipop

How RAW shooting, low latency audio and a new app runtime will give every Android device an instant upgrade. Read on to find out all you need to know about Lolllipop’s best features.

10 best Gravitybox tweaks; or how to supercharge your phone without even trying

Gravitybox is the best Xposed module and the easiest way to tweak your phone. Here’s our ten best hacks from Gravitybox that require no expert knowledge at all.

HERE Maps is the best offline satnav app for Android

HERE Maps is now available for many Android devices, offering full, free, offline navigation. Find out why we think it is the best satnav app for Android in our full review.

UP by Jawbone review: track your activity without a fitness band

We review UP by Jawbone, the best fitness tracking app for Android. It works with or without a fitness band, and can track or monitor every part of your lifestyle.

Will your Android phone be getting Lollipop?

Will the Galaxy S5, HTC One, Moto G or LG G3 be getting an update to Android Lollipop? We take a look at which phones will and will not be getting upgraded soon.

How to disable the Xposed Framework when updating to Android Lollipop

Xposed can cause problems when trying to flash an OTA update. Here’s how to disable Xposed and unroot in order for your updates to work.

How to back up Android apps and app data with or without root

The Helium app enables you to create a backup of your apps and app data on an Android device with or without root. This tutorial gives you the lowdown on how to get it done.

Use Xposed GEL Settings to hack the Google Now Launcher

The Xposed GEL Settings module for the Xposed Framework enables you to hack and tweak the Google Now Launcher. This tutorial explains how.
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