Android hacking problems solved: How to fix a bricked phone and more

We answer the most commonly asked questions about hacking and rooting Android phones. Whether you’ve got an LG G3, Galaxy S5 or any other Android device, here are all the facts you need to know

Speed up your Android device by tweaking the kernel

By tweaking kernel settings, such as CPU Governers and Clock Speed you can speed up your Android phone or increase its battery life.

Change the pixel density of your Android tablet by hacking the build.prop file

Want to force apps to run in phone, phablet or tablet modes on your Android tablet? By changing the pixel density you can do exactly that, as this tutorial explains.

Boot Android into Safe Mode to fix app problems

If apps crashing or force closing is making your Android phone unstable, boot into Safe Mode to fix them. In this tutorial we’ll show you how.

Clean up and edit the Android Share menu

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to edit the Android Share menu, and remove apps from it altogether using the app Andmade Share.

Last App Switcher enables you to quickly switch between two running apps

LAS: Last App Switcher could be the best app we’ve seen so far in making task switching easier on an Android phone.

The edge-to-edge screen is here: Sharp’s Aquos Crystal has the thinnest bezel on any smartphone

Sharp has unveiled two new Android phones with virtually zero bezel around the sides and top. They’re aimed at the Japanese market, with one also expected to launch in the US.

Zoe beta for Android first look

We take a look at Zoe, the HTC video editing app that is now available for a wider number of Android devices including the Nexus 5 and Galaxy S4.

Seven really useful tips for using the Spotify Android app

Get more from the Android Spotify app with this collection of hidden tricks and power-ups that you probably don’t know about.

The best football scores app for the EPL on the Play Store

You’ll never miss a goal in the new EPL season with our guide to the best football scores apps for Android.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has mid-range specs, but is Samsung’s first phone made (partly) from metal

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first Galaxy phone to be made from metal. It’s specs don’t match the S5, but is the new focus on design enough to silence the company’s critics?

HTC bringing Zoe and its other Sense apps to all Android devices

Ever wanted to try HTC Zoe on your Galaxy S5, LG G3 or Moto G? Well soon you’ll be able to, as HTC gets set to launch it into the Play Store.

10 best Chromecast apps you can download today

From fitness to Karaoke to movie trailers, we reveal the best Chromecast apps you can download for Android devices today.

Geocaching with Android: what is it and the best apps to use

Geocaching is a popular outdoor pursuit. Find out how you can use your Android phone and apps to join in.

Top 10 best root apps you can install today

Rooting your phone is not all about custom ROMs and Xposed modules. There’s also some great apps you can install. Here’s the ten best root apps for 2014.
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